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So recently in Korean entertainment we have seen plenty of lawsuits and struggles by non-Koreans in the industry.
These idols are not only under the normal pressures of Korean idols, but they're also far from their homes and families, in a foreign country, and usually being watched like hawks by netizens for any slip up.

Here are a few Kpop idols that aren't Korean, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the industry treats these artists:


The three most famous cases: Kris, Luhan, and Tao in that order.
All 3 of them are Chinese members part of EXO-M, the Mandarin-speaking group within EXO. With various reasons for their departure (I won't go into all the details) the one factor that applied to all was the mistreatment or the lower quality of attention towards the Chinese team members.
Since the three members left there has been pressure on Lay to see if he will leave too. He has said over and over again that he wants to stay not only because he is happy but because he wants to protect the image of Chinese stars in Kpop. That they aren't all going to abandon their teams.


The small four member group suddenly dropped to a two member group with the departure of their two Korean members who wanted to pursue acting. The other two members were actually Thai and continue to promote in Thailand. Personally, I think it's great that the company didn't just drop the group all together - and they're able to work from their home country.

Super Junior

Hangeng left Super Junior for similar reasons as the EXO boys. He felt over worked, under appreciated, and felt his contract was unfair. He went back to China, became a super-celeb, and is still close to Heechul. This happened right when I got into Kpop so I don't remember too much of the media storm about his departure.


Victoria and Amber are Chinese (Amber is Chinese American) but I haven't heard too many issues with their work in Korea. I know that people got nervous when Victoria opened a private studio in China during the whole Tao breakdown, but that seems to have blown over.


Nichkhun is one of the most popular 2PM members with a background of Chinese-Thai-American and a bunch of other things (he's fluent in a gazillion languages) so people refer to him as the Thai Prince. I haven't noticed any issues with him as a foreign idol either - though I might have missed it as I'm slow in 2PM news.

Of course now there's Seventeen, JJCC, GOT7, etc with non-Korean members. How do you think the industry is changing and are some companies worse than others?!

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From what i hear,all these groups that we all love do have a hard time in their industry. People can see that they are faking their smile. They have a reason for why they are separating from their group. If they were American, Africans, Hatians or Spanish and they speak Mandarin who we are to judge or mistreat them just because they are different from everyone else. When Kris and Luhan left Exo-M and Sm Entertainment nobody didn't say nothing, people just cried but Tao left, everyone was on him. Hurting him, talking bad things about him and i know that wasn't nice. I don't get that just because they are Non-Koreans people are saying that they should leave their group because they can't speak the same language, they are fake, they shouldn't be in the group in the first place. They are have a hard time, they don't have a easy life like we all do. So what if every group we love are different it shouldn't make a difference if non-korean and korean to work together, speak the same language. Don't take this comment personally, i am just saying what needed to be said. Oh yeah one more things i see they say there has been pressure on Lay to see if he will leave too. The SM Entertainment lost so many groups if they are puting pressure on any more group i bet they won't have any idols.
i am fairly fan of everyone. and just saying Nichkhun is not fluent in a gazillion languages. just 3 or 4 now that i believe. cause in the beginning he had a lot of trouble with korean. im not sure if he knows Chinese. i dont think its all the non korean stars too look at DBSK. look what happened to them. Jay was Korean American and look what happened. but look at him now. to me its the contracts that was made for them and some dont understand it and find out later and thats when shit hits the fan. or i could be wrong too. or they dont read the fine print to me. idk. what would u do if it was u?
but i cant say much as i dont know much but only from what i read. and dont know the culture as much as i think i do.
I've lived and worked in South Korea before being East Asian but Non-Korean. In business type environments those who aren't Korean are subject to a lot of discrimination. Bosses usually are horrible, manipulative, and demonic psychopaths. Since foreigners don't have much employment rights as Koreans do they often are sabotaged and treated poorly. People there honestly don't care about your well-being they have one goal and that is for you to make them a lot of profit. There's stupid laws that keeps you from stating facts about a place or person so you end up not able to warn too many people about any ill treatment. If you rebel they will treat you even more terrible. This is how Korea runs and this is the reality of how it really is to work in Korea. It's not all ponies and rainbows so take caution.
That's cool about tiny g... I don't even know that... n I liked them too...I think it hard to make in Korea if ur non korean...I mean look wat happen to tablo n jay park...n they'r korean imagine how hard it is for non koreans...there's language n let's face it race/ethnic discrimination. I'm not saying it's good or bad but it's's everywhere but probably more prominent in a place that's historically majority has one ethnicity...such as south korea...I think it was too much for them too handle. it bothers me, when that happens to me at work.