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Everyone always talks about new beginnings, fresh starts, a place to make a name for yourself. But no one ever talks about leaving, and leaving is the scariest part of all.
Leaving means abandoning routine. You have had the same commute, the same friends, the same work, even the same place to eat lunch and while it might sound boring, routine is comforting in a life that throws everything it can at you.
Leaving means saying good bye, and its always hard. You have grown use to seeing these people every day, joking with them across the room and supporting them whenever they needed it. Their support meant the world and it will feel strange not to have the constant interaction that has grown to be one of the best parts of your day.
Leaving means stepping out into the unknown. Because you know hat too expect here. You know what to do, how to act and how to make it. And leaving means leaving all of that behind.
But leaving is not the end of anything. Leaving means taking what you learned and using it to spread your wings further, it means making new friends and meeting new people while still staying in touch with the old. It means growing as a person and figuring out new ways to adapt to a scary and new environment.

So yeah, leaving is scary. But it isn't always bad.