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A real-life National Treasure story is happening right now, minus the Nick Cage. According to a Polish tale, it was rumored that a giant train containing gold, artworks and weapons controlled by the Nazi army vanished into a mountains at the end of World War II, as the Germans fled Soviet advance.
Now, fast forward 70 years--- two men, a Pole and a German who have chosen to remain anonymous, are claiming they found the train. Currently they are working with officials in hopes to receive 10 percent of the value of the treasure in exchange for it’s location.
The story goes that a German train left from the German city of Breslau (today the Polish city of Wroclaw) in April 1945 and somewhere on its 60-kilometer (40-mile) journey to Poland, it vanished.

How do you lose a whole train?!

Well....Adolf Hitler had started creating a secret underground tunnel, a project called "Riese," or "Giant.” The project, involved several complex tunnels in the region was probably intended to be a military headquarters, though it still is a mystery what it’s real intent was.

What do you think? Bogus scam or fascinating development in a treasure hunt story?

Many locals have come forward throughout the years and claimed the found the treasure, but this is the first time things are being taking like it’s a big deal...
"We believe that a train has been found. We are taking this information seriously," Marika Tokarska, an official in the southwestern Polish district of Walbrzych, told The Associated Press on Thursday.
"It could either be nonsense or they got the information directly from the Germans," local rescuer Krzysztof Szpalkowski told the private broadcaster TVN24. "Maybe one of these men is a descendant of people who took part in this action.”
If you ask me: I like to hope that this story is true, and we will get to understand a part of history that has been missing for years.
And we didn’t even have to steal anything...
if its true it'll be cool history coming alive lots of emotions will be swirling around too
Hahaha I mean I have to sorta train myself @alywoah ;)
nicole...ur amazing at puns
Agreed @2littlelegs! Lots of people are going to want the treasure for their museum!