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A woman's eyebrows are so important.

What matters most is how well you take care of your eyebrows. Unfortunately, not everyone has been blessed with thick, perfectly shaped brows and that's where the many eyebrow products come into play. No longer are the days of the chula inspired brows or the wispy, thin eyebrows that you over plucked before going for your biweekly wax appointment. The thicker, the better has become the trend that seems to be sticking around for good.
If you happen to be a member of the thin eyebrow club -- welcome. Don't worry, they can be transformed and if you're in need of proof these five women who happen to work for Refinery29 were randomly chosen to undergo brow transformations using different techniques for each. To find out what technique would work best for your brows, keep 'brows'ing.

Method: Filling In

For most of us that give our brows a bit of a makeover in the mornings, we usually tend to lean towards the filling in method. It's easy and convenient. Using a pencil allows you in fill in the patchy areas while creating a natural, yet strong brow.

Method: Tattooing

Although this method is a tad bit drastic, more and more woman are choosing to tattoo their brows. Why? Because it's permanent [lasts for two years] and you don't have to allot time to prep your brows in the morning. This transformation is perfect for those women who happen to have light hair and find themselves constantly reapplying brow product to their brows throughout the day. To make things a little better, it's pain free. Definitely something to consider.

Method: Shaping

For those babes who have naturally think brows, I envy you. The key to shaping your brows is allowing them to grow in full [sounds scary, but it's for the best] and then cleaning up the hairs that don't follow your natural shape. If not done correctly, this can easily be a recipe for disaster. It's all about softening your eyebrows while keeping the perfect shape.

Method: Tinting

Let me begin by saying that tinting is absolutely amazing. Instead of constantly applying brow gel or filling in your brows in the morning, tinting your brows with henna dye gives the illusion that your brows are full and dark. It last for about two weeks and is one of the best eyebrow methods worth giving a try.

Method: Extensions

Who knew that there were extensions for your eyebrows? How futuristic is that? This method involves applying natural hairs to your eyebrows with bonding glue and last for up to two weeks [three weeks if attached to actual brows]. If you have areas of your eyebrows that just won't seem to grow, eyebrow extensions might just be the perfect option for you.
I had absolutely no clue that there were so many alternatives for your eyebrows.

Ladies, what eyebrow method is your favorite?

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I'm going to look it up
thank you so much @marshalledgar !!! :) and yes, I'm considering doing separate cards for both methods. i know if you google tattooing eyebrows a lot of peoples stories come up. I haven't done much research on extensions. I honestly didn't even know that was possible before I did this card, but I'm def interested in learning more myself.
Love this card @jordanhamilton. Are there resources for tattooing and extensions? Love to know more.
Yes definitely do so!! @marshalledgar.