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To all my crazy friends!!
i don't really have to name you guys right? you know it.. love you!
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love you all !! #WorldPeace hahaha
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Ditto! @cheerfulcallie No way, you're not. I bet you were buried by an avalanche of new cards to look at and you still have new cards to look at, don't you? LOL!
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that's the thing when you don't log in on vingle. for a day. i don't get email notification coz i signed up through my facebook account..^^ less hassle...^^
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It's true! There's so much to do. You have to reply to everyone, you have to upload all your own cards, and you have to look at all the new cards and take care of those. Phew. I wish we could get paid to Vingle. Hahahahahaha!
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