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I saw this tweet and I just really thought 'yes. yes I completely agree' To be truly really successful in music, I think one needs to really be able to perform all around. To stir emotions in audience through lyrics and performance.
I think G-Dragon is a perfect example of this. Honestly when I first heard about GD & saw him, I wasn't interested. I didn't like Monster by BigBang at this time, but other than that I didn't know any of BigBangs or GDs music. Then when Good Boy by GD & Taeyang came out, I liked it. My good friend is a Taeyang bias so she kept talking about him and pointing him out in the MV and everything haha. Even when I first listened to Good Boy, I think wasn't a fan of GD. Also take note that there are not too many rap/hiphop songs I liked even in English at this time either. I was not a person who was easily impressed by a song. I have experience and decent knowledge in the music world because that was my life for 7 years in school since I was in many bands, choir, orchestra, & color guard. So it takes a good song with good lyrics, beat, and overall musicality for me to say that I really love a song. There are many songs I like and listen to, but there are much fewer that I say I really love this song and its ones of my favorites. Anyways, I listened to Good Boy more and more cuz I did like the song,and I watched more videos other than the MV such as the dance practice. This is where I don't remember exactly, but seeing GD in the MV, he began to grow on me. Then I looked more into GDs music somehow. I was almost the same way as with Good Boy, I didn't think it was bad but I was like eh I'm not a huge rap fan. I started looking into BigBang too and I liked some of their songs too Somewhere along the way GD really grew on me though. My friend had me watch the the episode where GD & Daesung are on Running Man and then the one BigBang VS RM. I thought GD was cute and entertaining on then haha. I looked into GDs MVs again and I'm not sure what song I was really sold on first but I became a fan a GD lol. I watched some performances and I really impressed with his stage presence overall. He's just good at what he does. I actually have to thank GD as a fan. Because of all this, he kind of opened me up to hiphop type music again which opened me up to other Kpop groups that I'm now a big fan of <3 SuJu, BTS, & BigBang are my top 3 groups forever because they have good music, performance, and I love the members personalities plus they are very entertaining on variety shows and just yeah ^_^
Music isn't just about one specific thing. It's about the whole song (including the lyrics, rhythm, singing, rapping, performance, emotions & more), the artist, the fans, and overall performance. Music is more important in this world than some may think.
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funny thing, also majority of my bias on my list now are actually main rappers lol.