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The Variant Cover of Deadpool #1 is 60% Phony Ad.

Because who would even dream of filling up comic book pages with ads...?
Oh yeah. DC did that.

The ads were obtrusive and irrelevant.

Not only did the ads look ugly, but they were added to the comics after the images had already been finalized by the artists. Which meant that the art was corrupted by a kind of terrible photoshop edit.

Fans and artists were (understandably) cranky.

Of course this set the Has DC Done Something Stupid Today counter back to zero. And now, a month and a half later, Deadpool is reminding us of that time DC did something really, really stupid.

Of course, Marvel isn't immune to stupid.

Part of me hopes this is just some friendly ribbing. But the really petty part of me is secretly hoping DC will have an awesome comeback. And then we can watch these two giants bicker.
@shannonl5 that's hilarious xD
That is crazy
@buddyesd @LAVONYORK I'm still laughing XD shots fired DC