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Its your best friends 21st birthday which means you have to give them the most awesome, slightly more on the cheaper side, gift basket to get them fucked up and then through the hangover tomorrow.
As told by other peoples birthday baskets to give you some more ideas!
1. Get a cute garbage can to put everything in. They will be throwing up in it later.
2. Buy one bottle of their favorite liquor, then a few of the airplane bottles to sneak have between bars. #roadshots
3. A water bottle and gatorade. For the morning after.
4. Their favorite hangover snacks aka Cheetos, Doritos or a gift card for dominions pizza.
5. Condoms...because its funny and also safety first.
6. Super cool band aids for when someone falls. Because someone will. Also Aspirin, some ice, tums...the works.
7. Mints. No one likes to smell...or taste their breath when their hungover.
8. A birthday crown that will turn into the puke princess crown around 1 am.
9. Some hair of the dog because come on, their 21 now. Time to grow up.
These are cute and functional! For my 21st birthday, my then-boyfriend (now husband) made a treasure map of our apartment with little liquor bottles as the treasure. As an introvert, I have never been one for parties or getting smashed at a bar, so it was a fun alternative. There may still be a bottle of Jäger hiding somewhere. I won't touch that stuff with a 20-foot pole.
@DaniVO OMGG that is such a good idea and sooooo sweet/hysterical! Jäger use to be sooo good ...... Now when I drink it I HATE it. I can't even drink fireball because they have the same think texture
My best friend made one of these for her boyfriend and legit put them on stems and made a bouquet. (though it was very manly and awesome). she always gives the coolest gifts. I hadn’t seen one of those until then
@LizArnone Yeah - I had my first (and only) hangover from it, so I can't even stand the smell anymore. The funny part about that story is that the two of us were sitting around the apartment playing a board game (Zombies!!!)!