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Okay so like bts I decided to give got7 a try since I had my eye on jackson for awhile. .....well what can I say..... im officially a igot7 . they are not only extremely talented they are extremely beautiful lol and im proud of my self I learned all there names and who's who in one night and i have my bias list already. Jackson Bam bam JB Mark & Yugyeom they are so gorgeous and i seriously dont know why I didnt get into them sooner if you have anything that you think I should know about the group I should know feel free to share to your fellow newbie
I'm a newbie too! Just became a fan last Thursday and I feel so dumb putting off getting into them!! I have learned that they are all equally life ruiner in their own rights but Jackson seems to make me die a little inside more than the others so he's my fav. If you really want to get to know them, watch the Real Got7. All 3 season are on JYP's youtube under a playlist. I did that and it changed my life!
ok thank you @SkullBunneh
@amandamuska by the thumbnail above, BB is on the right in green suspenders, Yu is right in thr middle.
@SkullBunneh right its hard to choose when they are all gorgeous but i agree jackson is just too much but bam bam and mark are adorable too lol and I will I started watching some last night im gonna watch them all and roomate because jackson is on the second season
which one is bam bam and yugyeom I think ik but not sure in the video