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Hey everyone, I am a 22 year old man and never had girlfriend. Can someone tell me what are the things I would lose if I never have girlfriend in future also.
By having a gf I will experience the love closely, she would be my best friend and someone with whom I can share everything. I will have someone always caring for me till we breakup. I will gain some experience and maybe some wonderful memories and I will get bored less. I will not feel sad that I don't have gf.
It's not like that I'm desperate for that thing, but some persons overrate the need of GF. I may remain single all my life, so I wanna know if I am losing any big thing.
I think by never having a girlfriend will save my time and money which I would have spent with her, it will also save me from fear of break up or my gf cheating on me.
I have a question for You because every love is different what do you really think you would gain if you found a girlfriend or lose staying single?
@nicolejb is right when you stop trying to find love bam it finds you. also enjoy your youth go do things that make you happy so when you find the right girl you can love her completely and not feel you missed out on any adventure.
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