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Hey I know we have had many challenge posts. But I love them. I thought of a cool creative on while taking my mom to the doctor office. Don't worry....only a cold. Directions: Pick any celebrity....real or fake (kpop or anime) to write a poem about. It can be any style style. ...sonnet.....haiku....etc. Post your poem and a picture of them. REMEMBER TO TAG ME AND OTHER PPL TO CHALLENGE! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU CREATE! @kimtay234 @poojas @stevieq @ErinGregory @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @PrettieeEmm @celesteyc @SharayahTodd @dreemer13 @oppatouchmybutt @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @honeysoo @xoxoaudra98 @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @nightshade @PassTheSuga
Two moons Engulfed by your internal fire Blinded by your lion like eyes Never looking back I'm never asking why Two worlds colliding and creating one As the moon makes love to the ebony sky And crickets whisper ancient secrets I am mixed in you and you into I Ruling this world of diversity Disregarding the rules of the past Making our own raging dragon mark Eternity is how long our love will last By Jessamine!
A DREAM..... Watching stars dance at speed As they cut through the midnight silky sky The moon is still as the crickets sing songs of her beauty and grace. The moist grass beneath our naked feet. The small green blades tickle at our heels. Both of us feeling as exposed as the bottom of our feet. Like we jumped into a pool full of glitter and moon shards. I'm slowly drowning in your amber glass eyes. And you are submerged in my deep honey brown widows of sight. Nothing is more natural yet unnatural then this secret moment. This moment that only the tress will whisper about. Inhale...exhale...time is still As we stare at each other reflects Can this be real? EVERYONE KNOWS I LOVE INUYASHA! THAT'S MY BOO! DON'T JUDGE LOL! THIS POEM IS ABOUT A DREAM I HAD OF HIM. BY
oooooh I'll try!!! It's gonna be something marvel related lol
thanks for the effort @KpopGaby there are no rights or wrongs. Thanks @celesteyc....I'm on a short break from school. Them back to the papers for me.
I'm not good in writing poems but I'd be willing to do so
@Rhia lol anyone can write a poem lol. just express how u feel with words
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