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Appreciation post for Gyeomie The talented boy who excels in street dancing The kind hearted boy who prayed every night for the debut of all his members and himself The boy who claims to be pure and innocent The boy who is titled as the most sensitive one in the group The boy who has an upbeat and always smiling, considerate personality. The tall mature boy who doesn't look like the maknae Basically, the boy who grew up to become a talented caring maknae who always smiles His name is Kim Yu Gyeom
Yu Gyeom!!!!! (Β΄β€’ Ο‰ β€’`) β™‘ I hope his hairstyle NEVER changes....ever. haha. xD
Yugyeom is so wonderful. He just has that quality that makes him impossible to dislike.
ahhh please stop being jailbait lol
so far cn him dance all sexy he grew out of that innocence XD