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i was tagged by @amobigbang to post the Poetry Challenge! here they are! please love them! they are both very different.
Stay Strong Oppa You captivate me Everything about you I can't help but smile At the little things you do The voice of an angel Instantly Melts my heart The eyes that shamelessly flow tears Make me wish we weren't so far apart It's no surprise That you try so hard That you struggle to be perfect When an artist's status is so easily marred Stay strong Oppa Your fans will lift you up That's what we are here for To make you shine when you mess up Keep captivating me Keep surprising me with your love Keep being yourself And be sure to rise above Expectations that make you stress They will all be gone someday Stay full of life and healthy For this fans love will never stray!
Dragon Prince You came like whirlwind You almost knocked me down Your eyes hypnotized me They almost took the crown Your a prince of the skill You easily persuade with your voice Your body screams want me And almost takes away my choice You know you are dangerous And you love your appeal It draws me to you I don't know how to deal On my list you are still only the Prince You haven't become king You are a beautiful threat It makes my ears ring My heart pounds when you smile My hands shake when you sing This is dangerous To the core of my being You truly are a dragon And VIPs are your gold Keep up the efforts My love cannot be sold Make me fall for you Keep smiling like you do The dragon Prince may win the crown And no longer be number two.
@B1A4BTS5ever I challenge you and all the rest of the kpop community!!!
@VeronicaArtino @amobigbang @DeniseiaGardner thanks!!!! I enjoyed writing them...
cool love them I'm a poet too
I love them! especially the dragon prince 馃憦馃憦馃憤馃檰
I absolutely adore this...