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I'm so glad to be back with my family... if they would have been with me in Korea, life would have been perfect.
D-Cube park in Sindorim, Seoul was the last place I visited just 2 days before I left... I went there to meet with my Korean tutor.
one of the things I'll miss (other then the greatest friends in the world) is the food
Although I'm extremely happy to br able to cook again... I love to cook....I can't wait for my friend to visit and teach me some Korean recipes (her family owns a restaurant just outside of Peyontek)
Oh and the food, @RobertMarsh! They'd have to drag me away. Lol. When I went to college I had a lot of international cuisine around me and LOVED it. When we go into LA I drag my son all over the place to eat. But right here where I live, nearer to Ft. Edwards, not so much. /pout I want patbingsu, dangit! Side note: I was trying to explain patbingsu to my brother Friday. Lol. That was... Interesting. His face was hilarious. He just kept shaking his head. How can one explain such things accurately? They must be tasted!
Your family is beautiful, @RobertMarsh.
I love there D-Cube in Sindorim.
great food XD @jinyoung1900
woah, you actually had some really nice meal!
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