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Here's a clever idea for your wedding (and wedding related) party decor: Floral Ice!
What you see here is a picture from Martha Stewart Weddings where silicone moulds in the shapes of gemstones were used to freeze edible flowers, herbs and petals in ice.
Placing them in a chilled bowl with moist towelettes is a great way to keep your guests cool and refreshed without relying on a bucket of ice from the local gas station.
Here's how to do this yourself:
1. Using only edible florals and the like, make sure they are clean and dry.
2. For clear ice, boil distilled water. For frosted ice, do not boil distilled water.
3. Partially fill the mould with water and the florals. Then freeze.
4. As soon as the water is firm, (though not freezing), add the remaining water to the moulds.
5. When making these ahead of time, store in a cooler with a bag (or brick) of dried ice.
*Remember, dry ice is extremely dangerous and could be hazardous. Use caution when handling.