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Just in case you didn't have enough to fret about for your wedding, here's a quick list of Seven Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid! I found the list on Emmaline Bride, which is a cool resource for all things weddings.
1. Forgetting to break them in.
After finally finding the perfect pair of shoes, don't get caught unprepared and with excruciating pain because you forgot this important step.
2. Wearing the wrong shoes (for you!).
There are no hard rules to the style or type of shoe a bride is supposed to wear. Options for wearing whatever you want are limited really, by your own imagination and the style of wedding you're having.
Nothing wrong with sneakers, flats, stilettos, going barefoot, or anything in between. It's your day!
3. Forgetting shoe comfort accessories.
I'm not talking about beauty here. It's all about comfort, so visit your local Dr. Scholl's display and pamper yourself with all the insoles, grips, wraps, cushions and gels you need for your shoes.
4. Not shopping around.
I will never forget the impossible find that another Vingler made when shopping around. @DaniaChicago wrote a card about it that shocked me, which you can see here. The point she was making was that, while she was busying herself looking online in for the cheapest deals, she almost didn't check the price through the designer's own website, which happened to be the CHEAPEST! Cheaper than the other online auction sites! And it was guaranteed to be legit as it was from the actual designer.
5. Forgetting a spare pair of shoes.
You may be willing to stomach the pain of heels for your ceremony, but what are you going to wear the rest of the evening?! You need a spare pair to get you through the night. Also, what are you going to do if your heels malfunction and break?! Impossible, right? Think again!
6. Skipping the pedicure.
Hopefully, you're already getting your nails done for the wedding. But whether or not you are, at least get your tootsies the best spa ever! No one wants crusty gross feet...after a cramped sweaty day in 4 inch heels.
7. Shoes and dress don't work (together).
OUCH! This is a tough one. We've all seen the cute bride in a regal gown with sparkle Keds on underneath the gown. The trick with this is doing it in a way that doesn't distract from the dress. Besides that, however are fit issues. If you're wearing a floor length Tony Ward gown, but you want to stroll the beach barefoot, THAT'S JUST NOT GOING TO WORK. Why? because the million-dollar gown is going to fall wrong and drag in the worst possible way.
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