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I think I might be back-pedaling here a little. For the longest time I have been anti wedding favors. I've always viewed them as throw-aways. Wasted money. Wasted time. Wasted effort. My belief has been to skip the tradition and do something else. Like, maybe donate to a good cause in their honor. Something like that. You can be creative.
But after seeing this photo, I am inclined to go back on what I previously said. You have to admit that the bottles you see here are beautiful, even if they are permanently stamped with a date (that could get old real quick). Honey, which is a superfood, never spoils. It's true! And did you catch the clever double-duty use this gift is? These are ESCORT CARDS! Look at the tags.
Until I find another, this is a great way to spend money one time for two uses: escort cards and favors. My biggest recommendation in this case, if you want to duplicate it, DO NOT stamp the date or your names on the glassware. The process of engraving stuff like that immediately devalues the class of the object. Know what I mean?
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