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Guess what I found! Hand-dyed, hand-frayed silk ribbon! GAGGING! (And I can't stop!)
What started as a hobby in 2013, Heather Cowie and Ginny Au quickly grew into a thriving business. And while the business of selling silk ribbon sounds like an easy ride, better think again. These women have taken the importance (and beauty) of silk ribbon to new heights. Everything they produce is hand-dyed, hand-frayed and hand-rolled. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
How stunning are these ribbons! You won't find these at your local craft shop or even online from one of those mega-ribbon suppliers. Everything the mother and (step) daughter produces for their customers is 100% done by hand, which is remarkable when everything is automated.
Have I sold you on these wedding ribbons? You can visit their FrouFrouChic website for all the details in how you can snag these for your wedding!