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I had a great chat with @jordanhamilton earlier today about this MUST-HAVE fall lip gloss. It's called Candy Apple from Gerard Cosmetics. As soon as I saw this online, which is modeled by Jmaybelline_ through Insta, I was glued!
What do you think of this color? Love it?


Here's what GC says about this luscious color:
"Candy apple is a classic and vibrant red that is a playful blend of sweet and sassy with an opaque, creamy texture. This delicious gloss has flattering undertones that will perfect your pearly whites and bring out the pinup girl inside of you. Throw it on for a hot date or for a day when you want all eyes on you. Are you ready to go red with your lip gloss?"
Corny, perhaps, but this color is STUNNING and going to look sensational this Fall!
My pleasure @jordanhamilton I wish I was more of a matte fan. It's not bad; I just prefer the look of gloss. So many mattes are cake-y and dry your lips. But I also think that many don't apply the right moisturizers for lips when wearing matte, which is essential to keeping lips hydrated. What makes THIS particular gloss so mesmerizing is the pigmented magenta that can flex between cool undercoats of pink or crimson reds. There's really great dimension.
im not a huge fan of lip glosses but this color is pretty I really need to buy it its so cute!!
I need this!!!
I totally get what you mean. Ruby Woo is def the worst when it comes to a drying matte. I definitely think when it comes to a flawless matte finish, you must at least exfoliate your lips once a week. It works wonders. And I def agree about this color. It's a must have.
So this is gorgeous!!!! And would be perfect for the fall I think. Thanks for tagging me Marshall. I'm not usually a gloss fan [in love with mattes] but this is so beautiful.