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Actor Lee Min Ho recently proved his high popularity in the Philippines. On November 22, Lee’s agency reported, “Lee Min Ho arrived in Manila on November 15 and had a press interview. He held a large-scale event at the Araneta Coliseum the next day. This event was held to promote the global casual brand Bench, which Lee is working for as an advertising model.” Thousands of fans came to the event to see Lee. There were also thousands of people who stayed outside of the event hall, not being able to enter the building. In addition, lots of people came to the place where his commercial shoot was done on November 17 and his autograph session, which was held on November 18. Because of the people, traffic around the place was held up for a while. A Korean living in the Philippines says, “Lee Min Ho is the most popular celebrity from among all foreign celebrities who have visited this country. This is because Lee Min Ho’s drama series, including Boys Over Flower, Personal Taste, and City Hunter, have become very popular here. His latest drama series Faith will air in the Philippines next month, and I suppose he will become more popular.” The news sources in the Philippines are covering Lee’s visit to the country under the headlines of “Manila has fallen in love with Lee Min Ho” and “The top celebrity from Korea has brought typhoon back to us.” At the event, the host said, “Thanks to Lee Min Ho, I had the best day in my life. Lee Min Ho’s kindness and honesty have impressed many people in the Philippines. Because he’s popular all over the Philippines, people have nicknamed him Lee Min Hot.” Having finished the drama series Faith in September, Lee visited Zhengzhou, China, before visiting the Philippines, and he will hold a large-scale fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan, next month. Source: Xportsnews
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