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When you're going for that 'Vintage Pink' color scheme and you're at you're wits end trying to find the perfect shade of pink, I have something to tell you. You're going about it all wrong. Sorry to inform you, but someone had to stop you from the madness.
The photo above is what I call that PERFECT SHADE of VINTAGE PINK because, while the overall color scheme is the same, each of the petals on a single rose swirls from the color of old cotton parchment to the blushy pink of an oyster. It's rich, decadent and lush without being overwhelming. It's lack of saturation is gorgeous--I'm sure you'd agree.
What you need to do is STOP looking for the perfect rose using the term pink, because while pink is in there, it's not considered a pink rose. It's a neutral! And this one, in particular, is called "Quicksand."
If you want more of a silvery-violet to your heirloom roses, then you need to check out these. They're called "Amnesia." What sets these apart from other neutrals is that they are often categorized as green, if you can believe that. Interestingly, while the guard and outer crown petals contain the highest concentration of yellow-green, the rest of the petals are sandy-mauve. However, even if you were to remove these "green" petals, the underlying hues still read as brownish-green. This offsets the violet, which makes the rose a neutral. Confused? Don't worry, just don't forget the name of the rose (Amnesia)!
In a previous card I talked about English Garden roses, which, I go on to explain, are NOT THE SAME AS ECUADORIAN ROSES. You can read about it here. If you read the card, I mentioned my adoration for "Sahara" roses. Well, these are them! I wish I could get better pictures.
These don't show up frequently at LA's Flower District, but they can be special ordered. Stunning doesn't begin to describe these luscious beauties! Hands down, my favorite because the colors shift closer to creamy whites and yellows and olive greens. There are flashes of pink when you least expect it, which makes these all the more lovely.
To be clear, the roses I mention in this card ARE NOT ENGLISH GARDEN ROSES. These are Ecuadorian. Click here for more beautiful wedding florals.
lol oh @marshalledgar my posts aren't short either. Its nice to be able to convey a complete thought or two lol
@2littlelegs ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„Very kind of you to say. thank you. Vingle's great because I can share media, such as these photos, with information that is more than a "pretty picture". plus, I like to run my mouth...hahahaha
I enjoy reading your post @marshalledgar they are always so informative. I would love to actually see you work your magic in person because you never leave out the smallest details.