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I love the idea of finding a reason to celebrate. Even if it's a random Tuesday and nothing's going on. We should fight to find a reason to get excited and bring out the champagne.
It reminds me of a story I heard about a stay-at-home mom that loved to bake. One day she got a bug in her to make a birthday cake. She didn't need to check her calendar; there were no birthdays going on. But that didn't deter her. She put on her apron and slid the mixer out, determined to bake a birthday cake.
Flour. Eggs. Boiling water. Cacao. And whatever else goes into a cake...
By the time she was finished frosting it, the kids were getting off the school bus. In standard school's out protocol, the son and daughter entered the house in a flurry of dumped school bags and noise. Except this time, they had brought a friend over, for one reason or another.
Raising her voice above the shrill of life with little kids, she turned and announced, "Look what I made!" And would you believe their friend was so overwhelmed, he burst into tears of joy.
It was his birthday and no one knew!
What's your story? Do you have an unexpected champagne moment in your life?! I'd love to hear. @2littlelegs @skee292 @allischaaff @terrecariley @rodiziketan @buddyesd @(and others!)
Love this!!!
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