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Ok so we all have at least some kpop on our phones right? Well how many of us have actually bought an album or a song? And if you did how many do you have? So starting off my collection has 2NE1, 2PM, 4 Minute, Big Bang, EXO, EXO-K, f(x), G-Dragon, GD&TOP, GD&Taeyang, Girls Generation, Girls Generation TTS, STELLAR, Sumi, Super Junior, Shinee, Taeyang, and TVXQ. All that is what makes up my 158 song (soon to be 167) selection of my world of KPOP. So who else has a large collection and supports our lovers? I WANNA KNOW!! LOL :D
I seriously lost count on how many phones I downloaded music on
I have almost 300 but not all of its Korean. I have some English, Japanese, Thai, an Chinese.
Lol I just had to know! some times I feel like that rare breed who owns top much lol
Yeah I have 205 songs that I bought on iTunes >.< my hubby wasn't very happy with me lol. And it'll just keep growing!!! Oh well he'll have to deal with it XD
My phone has No space and I don't have itunes but @KutieKiKi has alot!
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