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I was sitting on the couch watching reruns of big Bang Theory when my mom called me over. She always calls me over to see whether I think a guy in one of her dramas is cute. I didn't expect her to be watching this though...
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my mom watches a ton of dramas but I think she only watched this one because she recognized chanyeol from roommates.
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Hahahaha, omg your mom is so cool. The only thing my mom likes to see is Taeyang. She be like "my husband!"
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Omg yes I swear my mom knows more idols than I do 馃槓馃槓
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@tayunnie haha the only idols my mom knows are Jackson, chanyeol, taecyeon, Amber, Henry, and Nana since they were on roommates
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haha lol my grandma's crush is Kim Hyun-Joong.
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