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so this just came in today. I already have the normal edition but then I decided why not but I have to say I'm so glad I bought it. no regrets man.
first off. It came with this lyric book thing and a folded poster so fyeah! good thing I didn't buy the poster with it too.
second look at how big and more clear these pictures are compared to the normal ver. plus new pictures!
lastly photocards! I mean you get these in the normal ver. too but I can't get enough of them. I love the thrill of wondering who I'm going to get! my bias is sungyeol and myungsoo though (myungyeol hehe) so if anyone is interested in trading my Dongwoo with Myungsoo feel free to message me!
I was going to film an unboxing for this but it didn't really work out in the end but then my sister suggested I should share it with you guys because I was so excited about it. I did order this from music plaza on eBay incase anyone is wondering and if you guys have any question please feel free to ask!
@tayunnie yaaass! I was so mesmerized when I first saw it!😍