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Well....it's that time again for a lot of y'all. Children, school is great. Expand your minds....pump some neurons....learn stuff....look fresh doing it please? But seriously, edumacation is important...pretty much crucial to whatever you do in life. Unless you have a skill set like me.....
Playing and having fun are important in life....a lot of peeps don't know how to anymore....but as far as real skills.....
Yeahhhhh..... stay in school (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) This specific skill set DOES NOT get you far. TRUST. So *ahem* on to my playlist for this joyious occasion.....you know the shpeel by now.... THIS PLAYLIST IS PRIMARILY K-HIPHOP.....IF YOU AIN'T DOWN, GET TO STEPPIN. DOUBLE WARNING....MY PROFANITY IS STEADILY GETTING WORSE. NO IDEA WHY SO PLEASE EXCUSE. IF YOU CANT HANG.....EXIT. So every school day starts with....... WAKE-UP CALL
JAY KIDMAN FT DJ DOPSH__ON THE LINE Void of vocals.....perfect jam to get you up and moving to warsh yo a$$ and brush yo teef.....and I must say again, how much you need this album in your life. If you still haven't downloaded it, do so like yesterday. Step 2.......... WAR PAINT & ARMOUR
LIL BOI, LOCO, JAY PARK__ON IT + BO$$ Feeling like a boss is definitely a must when you're primping for the day....doing your clown contour or what have you... You go on with your bad self. You're a mthrfkn bo$$. Commute......aka HELL ON WHEELS
GEEKS__BACKPACK You're gonna need this slightly upbeat bubbly type tune to get you thru this ride straight into the abyss that is the public school system. Time to strut yo stuff..... CATWALK
CL__THE BADDEST FEMALE Arrival has to be on point.... strut into that b*tch like it's named after you. You ARE the baddest female after all. WERKK!!! BONUS....was searching for the version with Dok2's remix on the first verse on YouTube butttttt it was removed. I found it HERE ←_← if you're interested. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE...... GREET THE SQUAD
BASICK__ENTOURAGE R.O.D homies are a necessity ( ̄▽ ̄)~■□~( ̄▽ ̄) DEALING WITH THE HATERS
SAN E__#LUVUHATER Learn to love those unhappy trolls that can't seem to get your name outta their mouth.... KEEP IT CLASSY
OKASIAN FT PLAY$TAR__NO FLEX ZONE No need to sink to their level.....you can't fix their stupid. Don't flex. Keep doing you and may God bless them. FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS
SIK-K__BETTER LIFE Do what you gotta do to get that diploma. Getting involved in petty drama ain't gonna get you closer to a better life. Also....don't count on your rapping skills to get you there either. Study hard. Don't forget to...... BREATHE
PALOALTO FT MAYSON THE SOUL__FORREST GUMP Make time to chill and vibe. Just breathe. Its only life. It moves on with or without you...the sun rises tomorrow whether you TOADilly bombed that final or TOADilly aced it.....whether or not you rise tomorrow is the question and its answer is completely up to you. Don't be afraid to.... LIVE A LITTLE
SWAY D FT REDDY__길 I don't have a translation for this.....but I'm guessing it's about life but if it's not shame on me lol. Life is too short. It really is. You're here one day and gone the next. Planning your life out and prioritizing your education is awesome but don't forget to live a little. We spend far too much time preparing for life and not enough living it. Anyway may the force be with you all......your Vingle Kpop Family has got your back ( の •̀ ∀-)و Go learn stuff.
@PassTheSuga Spank youuuuuu! i almost went that direction buttttttt I figured let's try to be helpful and inspirational since I'm older and supposedly wiser now.
@PassTheSuga where was this list when I needed it XD all those struggling with going back to school should definitely use this, it's perfect!!! And the way you put this list together with the gifs you used was masterful as always \(^-^)/ I feel like I definitely need to rewrite my list before I post it XD currently it's not much more than a big F U to the school system Lol
@PassTheSuga You nailed this! Also, great song selections.
@MattK95 quite true.....quite true (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
@PassTheSuga it's ok, kimchi has all the wisdom our group needs the rest of us can just be as immature as we want XD
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