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the title says it all.
sleepy V is so cute
and so is zombie V
and let's not forget V's foot.
oh well no sh*t Kookie (bias here)
I like how suga only woke up to see j-hope's tangled hair.
v and kookies awkward stare at the camera at the end of the live stream with jin trying to feed kookie "popular" Japanese pudding.
and there was one part where jimin confessed his love to kookie and he never responded. are there anymore highlights that you guys remember?
Oh god when Hobi and Kookie were putting their life on the line by playing around with Suga.
@aliviasalinas Ikr I thought for sure he would get up and scream, but I guess even motionless min is to lazy for that.
@LaurenStrayhorn. hahaha motionless