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Sorry I haven't been posting much! my Wi-Fi was off for more than a week... it's tragic. (o´Д`) but anyway, here is the manga i just finished reading!
Description: Monarchy laid extinct in Korea since long ago, but what if Korea had continued monarchism? What if all the beautiful abandoned palaces were still actually filled with the royal families? What if the royal families continued with the normal royal customs? Welcome to the world where Korea never ended monarchism! Che-Gyeong, the high-school girl protagonist, ends up in a tragic moment in time when it has been found out that she has been promised in marriage (by her grandfather) to the current prince...who's actually not at all what he seems to be from his good looks—in one word, he's a big jerk.
This is actually a manhwa so remember it's read left to right! Name: Goong! or Goong Palace story or Princess Hour I actually really like this manhwa! it was exciting and it kept me on my toes about would happen next. The concept is also really great ( concept: what if Korean Royalty still existed in modern day Korea!) yes the concept is gold! & I think the author displaced all situations to perfectly reflect the concept! I'M just letting you know... it can get a bit dramatic & You'll be there like really... WHY <(゜ロ゜;)> & you will. I mean WILL! HAVE CHARACTERS THAT YOU HATE! because I sure as hell did. they were so annoying. but this manhwa made me laugh.. alot! ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙ the author draws them really funny and things don't ever get to serious because she always throws some funny scene in there! I rate this a 9/10 it's definitely a must read! (last comment lol: I love how the characters are drawn! (‘∀’●)♡)
here is an example of how they are drawn during funny scenes ┌(^ .^)┘ some might not like it but I think it makes it funnier ( の •̀ ∀-)و in this scene so mumbled an insult and he was like what... & that was her response.. I laughed for a straight 5 mins ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ hope you like it as much as I did!