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Answers to the Hair Challenge

Hey everyone! Here are the answers to the Hair Challenge that I made a few days ago. Nobody got all of them correct, and there were even two that no one got right. I also explained the hints of each photo in this card as well. If you want to check out the original card, here it is. I probably won't do another one of these for a while. School started last week and I'm already dying on the inside. I'll try to still post, but it will be much less frequently.
1. Jungkook Everyone got this one.
2. GD "하루 still gets to him." Meaning he sometimes still gets emotional while singing Haru Haru.
3. Minwoo from Shinhwa "His group debuted while the UK was giving control of Hong Kong back to China." It's called the restoration. China got control of Hong Kong back in late 1997, and Shinhwa debuted early 1998.
4. Bambam "Are they five or...?" Implying Got7 "Paleolithic Era." Trying to refer to the flint stones. There's a character named Bambam.
5. Kyung "Not ㅉ from ㅃ" I made this hint after someone thought it was Zico. ㅉ is the closest sound to Z in Korean, and ㅃ is supposed to mean Block B. So... Not Z from Block B...
6. Hoya "Indefinite integrals and Riemann Sums." More so the first part than the second, but in calculus, indefinite integrals go to infinity. Technically, I guess. And so can Riemann Sums technically, but yeah, that hint was a stretch. "He is also a flower" There is literally a flower named Hoya.
7. Changjo "A card sometimes circulates Vingle about them meeting their 'Older Version'" I'll find this card and link it here. Or maybe not. I'll see if I can find it later, I have to leave soon. D: "The first part of his name is a very common Hmong name." Chang is very common around here.
8. Leo "An old number system backward equals the 15th non-prime number." VIXX backward is XXIV. XXIV in Roman numerals is 24. 24 is the fifteenth composite number. "He is also a sign." Leo... That one explains itself.
9. Changmin (Nobody got this one) "20222417" You need the alphabet for this one. It is the number of the place each letter in TVXQ is in the alphabet. T is 20th, V is 22nd, etc. "Separate this into 4." I was hoping people would separate this into "20 22 24 17" which would have made it easier.
10. Jongup "This band would make cruel medieval torturers." Referring to their song No Mercy. "Best At Partying." The hint here was he capitalization, actually. B.A.P. I just tried to come up with some random acronym.
11. Lim (Im) Seulong "He discusses social issues on Twitter." That doesn't need explanation. He just... Does lol. "전주 IFF 2012." He was an ambassador for the 2012 Jeonju International Film Festival.
12. Kangjun This was a challenge for a reason. Nobody got this one. "I mentioned this band in a card. Once. Have fun with that." This is the card I was talking about. He is in CClown. "JK JK reversed." Simply meaning his initials are KJ KJ.
They were so obvious. But in so sloow. Dkekksks. How did i miis hoya like...
Yeah I was stuck on ages too lol. Now I'm sorta kicking myself. But this was really fun.
Daaaaang those are some smart hints xD I thought 20 22 24 17 were ages of a four member group , so I tried to find a group with those ages... but Nada lol
Keep these challenges coming. They are so much fun :)
@jannatd93 same here haha
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