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I was gonna go to Bigbang's concert in California! But now I can't! My friend was even gonna give me $50 for the ticket. But my mom's contract at her job ended so she is unemployed right now. When she gets a new job she won't be able to take time off :(
How I feel right now :(
I still want $50 though... lol. Anyone who's going make sure to take tons of pics and videos!
@fourstargeneral That was smooth. It works perfectly. xD
@AmbieB Haha it's like Sober: I can't fall asleep without you Loser: I'm a loser/loner (for not being able to go) If You: If it's not too late, can we get back together? Let's not fall in love: We don't know each other that well yet We like 2 party: We like to party! Zutter: Guess I'm famous They're making fun of us xD
@AmbieB It's so hard knowing you can't go when BIGBANG is in YOUR COUNTRY! (Trying not to scream... lol)
@TashaBitner Aw thank you ❤
yeah. that's understandable. I pray for you and your mom!
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