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so there has been alot of these and i choose to make mine right now i hope thats okay i dont know if could do it but hey is it okay??
i saw in @kpopandkimchi card>>>(http://www.vingle.net/posts/1011852?shsrc=v) that @MattK95 and @poojas where the ones to thank for this challenge and it reminded of me to do mine.....wooooo :[]
1) BTS - Move Because of the new school *sigh* im excited scared and yeah
2) BTS - So 4 more I love this song its one of my ulimate favorites and just love it and the video is my ultimate favorite music video
3) Got7 - Just right I love this song and i love the meaning of it :)
4) B1A4 - Sweet girl I love this song its so awesome i hear it all the time it like my favoriye song right now
5) GD & TOP - Zutter My sister has been hearing this song non stop so now yeah it always stuck in my head
6) BTS - Where Did You Come From? Me meeting new people
7) EXO - Love me right i love this song
8) B1A4 - Solo Day the first day of school hahaha
9) B1A4 - Lonely same with the first day of school hahaha lonely lonely lonely
10) The Naked Brothers Band - I Dont Want to go to School hahahaha sorry i have had to im sorry but this how im feeling hehehe (child hood right there) :[] *box smile*
so thats my back to school playlist woooooo hahaha :[]
im not even kidding while i was doing this i was like that gif hahahah
so yeah hahahha thank you again for tagging me @MattK95 and @poojas and thanks @kpopandkimich for reminding me love you guys <3
hope you enjoyed bye bye :[]
this is amazing. thank u
this is amazing love these songs!!!!
@MattK95 hahaha i know and i know good times good times and thank you :)
Awesome!!!! ^^ So much BTS on this list, but you'll hear no complaints from me XD even the mention of the name the naked brothers band takes me back quite a few years lol, thanks for a great playlist @B1A4BTS5ever :)
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