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I have a lot of anime crushes so I'm doing this in part's, it was hard to make this list but I did. Here are my top 10 anime crushes Part 1. I challenge anyone who hasn't done this yet to compile a list and make a card! Just a reminder, I recommend any of these animes for anyone who loves the romance genre!
10. Kazehaya Shouta - Kimi Ni Todoke I liked Kazehaya since the first time I saw him because he was so adorable and you knew what he was thinking. He treats everyone kindly especially Sawako, he always blushes around her if she stares at him for too long and looks away and she always thinks that he hates her because he says to stop looking at me and it's so cute. But it's the opposite, he actually likes her, he's smart, so sweet, cute, and great at sports! He's just so adorable when I think of him blushing! >.<
9. Kazuma Yagami - Kaze No Stigma Kazuma is so dreamy with his bright blue eyes, I have always had a thing for guys with brown hair and blue eyes but those eyes aren't always blue only when he calls upon the stigma of the wind. He is constantly picking on Ayano and he can be mean but he can also nice if he wanted to be LOL! He is super hot!
8. Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail First off Natsu has the cutest smile in all of the anime World in my opinion. He can go from so happy, funny and cheerful to serious in seconds. Natsu is super strong and he makes me smile when he's around Lucy. He cares so much about his friends, they are like family to him and if you've watched this show you can tell he likes Lucy. Don't ever mess with Natsu!
7. Koga - Inuyasha Next is the fast running, cocky, wolf named Koga from Inuyasha. I live wolves and I thought he was so hot. I sometimes even thought he might even be better than Inuyasha but no one beats Inuyasha. I liked his persistence to annoy Inuyasha by making him jealous because he would hang around Kagome and flirt which was funny and cute.
6. Tomoe - Kamisama Hajimemashita Tomoe is a familiar that is a fox, I love anime guys with ears and Tomoe has spunk that makes it so hard for me not to like him. He is a hater at first, and doesn't want to help anyone because he isn't a familiar for anyone but then becomes Nanami's familiar once she kisses him. She falls in love with him and he starts to love her back. He might seem like a hateful person but he can be kind, it just takes time and he also repeats that he will never love a human girl in the 1st season but he ends up loving throne he serves his Land God Nanami!
5. Kei Takishima - Special A Kei is what you would call a perfect guy, he is #1 in the school, handsome and athletic. He likes the girl that he makes fun of for always coming in 2nd place, he even calls her "Miss. 2nd Place! He is so cute and smart. Kei and Hikari are 1 of my favorite couples, they make my heart want to burst because of their cuteness same with another couple.
4. Yamato Kurosawa - Say I Love You This guy is the definition of a worthy guy who cares a lot about his girlfriend. I remember so many things that Yamato has said "She's kind of interesting" (1st episode) and in the 2nd episode at the end Yamato and Mei were in an ally and Mei said "when I think about you Yamato my heart just keeps pounding" and Yamato responds "Well then isn't that the very definition of love" that is the most memorable sentence from this show in my opinion. Yamato won't let anyone hurt Mei and when a man cries that means he actually cares. He has strong feelings for the ones he loves which I why I love Yamato so much!
3. Mabuchi Kou (Tanaka Kou) - Ao Haru Ride Mabuchi is the kind of guy I dream of as the perfect, ideal boyfriend! He is tall, handsome, I love his curly hair and he has that cute smile you can't resist. He is afraid to get attached to his friends or have a relationship because he doesn't want to lose them like he lost his mom. But Yoshioka let's him know he's not alone, that he has her and his friends, then he cries with Yoshioka. I love that his character changes from being a short, high voiced boy when he was younger who kind of seemed like a girl to a tall, his voice changed and even his name changed but I like the Kou now more. I could tell that he cares for Yoshioka and he isn't mean he just picks on Yoshioka a little but is nice to her and everyone else most of the time.
2. Takumi Usui - Kaichou Wa Maid-sama Takumi is somewhat like Kei except Takumi isn't #1 in the school. Takumi is so hot and makes my heart beat like crazy. He is kind of stalkerish as Misaki calls him and an "alien" but she calls him a stalker because he is always at the cafe where she works everyday and an alien because he isn't like a normal guy but I think that's because she hates all guys except for him. He is so sweet, caring, and always there to protect Misaki which is so adorable. And when you thought he couldn't be any hotter he puts glasses on!!! *_*
1. Inuyasha - Inuyasha First off Inuyasha is my first anime crush, he was the first anime guy I fell in love with. I love that he has dog ears, long white hair and I want his kimono! He is a half demon, so when there is a full moon he turns into a human with black hair and when he is near death and doesn't have his sword near him he turns into a full demon which is awesome and Kagome is always there to turn him back into a half demon. I think Inuyasha is the hottest anime character ever, he always has jokes "Can't I have them both!" (If any of you remember that scene between Miroku and Inuyasha. Miroku asked Inuyasha which girl he wanted between Kikyo and Kagome and that was his response.) He so cute even when he was a kid. I hope you guys enjoyed this card with all of these handsome men in it, and I really want everyone who wants to do this to give it a try. I want to know everyone's Top 10 anime crushes. Are any of your anime crushes in my list! @Kamiamon @BFP1916 @poojas @AimeeH @AkiraCondry @DanRodriguez @chandnip804 @sherrysahar @caitlind9898 @ninachan
I don't know much Anime. Can I do a video game crush mixed with anime?
in @biancadanica98's defense, though, happy did accidentally kiss natsu because Lucy held him up to intercept one for her. Episode 219! @corinazurk
@desspadilla93 Thank you, they are all great animes especially if you love romance!
omgosh lol mhh hmm inuyasha is definitely number 1 馃槝馃槏 love this list tho, gives me a couple new anime's to check out!馃樃
I seriously thought I was the only one !
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