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**Strong use of language in the video** So its been confirmed thats a new 'One Piece' movie is coming out some time next year 2016. Personally im very excited for this movie because usally the animated movies turn out pretty well (Notice: I didnt say live action that case, they- well theyre not that good) Im looking forward to seeing ●some cool battles with Luffy and the rest of the straw hat crew take place. ●Zoro and Sanji's sarcastic comments toward eachother ● Brook's composing of multiple songs (Binks Sake anyone?) ●Maybe we'll see some ships go canon who knows. What are you looking forward to seeing, let me know :) If you havent read the manga or seen One Piece yet...what are you waiting for adventure await. "Ichi ni sunshine yon We Go!!!" . . . . If you want to see more of this youtubers videos his name is 'ForneverWorld' he also has a friend called 'Double4Anime' I really liie their channels they do reviews on multiple anime and manga :P
@AkiraCondry Let's do a marathon soon but maybe not One Piece LOL
omg I can't wait
@AkiraCondry @poojas Yea we should have another marathon but not of One Piece
Ah you guys wanna do a marathon?? :D Of you do let me know about it so I can join in, we haven't had a Anime Community Marathon in a while :P @biancadanica98 @poojas
@poojas Hey let's get started on marathoning One Piece and we should be good by the time the movie comes out lol! XD
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