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In a few weeks I'll be starting College and it's terrifying me so much. Why can't I have a Phineas and Ferb summer. Thank you for @Mattk95 and @poojas for making and tagging me in this challenge. This is now my 4th time trying to upload this so all the creativity that was originally had been planned is not going to be included. Also, I'll be tagging @Melineptune @IzzyPerkins @punkpandabear and @glostick
Rap Monster - Awakening ●WAKING UP Loud & Upbeat Music B.A.P - Crash EXO - Love Me Right ●GETTING READY Upbeat & Happy Music Rap Monster - Do You ●STARTING THE DAY Motivating & Powerful Music B.A.P - 1004 (Angel) ●BEFORE THE 1ST CLASS Bittersweet Music Show Me The Money 4 (Innovator, Incredivle & Super Bee) - OG (BE ORIGINAL) ●END OF CLASSES Sick Beat, Loud & Party Music VIXX - G.R.8.U ●RELAXING TIME Happy & Upbeat Music Urban Zakapa - Cafè Latte ●HOMEWORK & STUDY TIME Relaxing & Calm Music GOT7 - Just Right ●DONE WITH WORK Light-Hearted Music Beast - Good Luck ●ENDING THE NIGHT Upbeat & Fun Music
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@Mattk95 Thank you for that!
am i also supposed to do a playlist?
@IzzyPerkins Yes your very own school playlist
@TheKS3D oh jeez this is gunna take me a while