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Hello hello everyone~ LiNaHyun here with episode 3 of KPMVs. This episode is GD&TOP's Zutter. The video was...interesting, they were literally pissing through the ENTIRE mv. Again, and I will be saying this every episode, whatever I say is meant to be funny and not to offend anyone. But without further ado, Zutter.
These are probably the smallest urinals I have every seen in my life.
TOP isn't properly tied up, he can easily stand up and the rope would slide up.
Why did they name this guy pretty boy???? You can't even see his face...
Wait, their feet or their hands aren't even tied up??? They, more so TOP, can EASILY escape.
I've seen pretty disgusting bathrooms in my day and this one is probably the most disgusting one so far.
There is no dealer at this table. (I deal this game, so I know how gambling/gaming works) Also, they cheered after GD put the money on the number, but they don't show the number hitting..."YES HE PUT ALL THE MONEY ON 9!!! YEAH!!!! 9!!!!!"
This is poor bathroom etiquette, but hey, at least they're encouraging each other.
Dat assssss~
He's literally pouring the food ONTO the pigs. Maybe you take the sunglasses off so you can see...
Good job TOP, you saved the drink.
You're stuck in an industrial freezer, why are you trying to smoke a cigarette??????
I make it rain bitches.
Oh look, they finally figured out they could easily escape.
That...that is gross.
Now that's just disgusting.
Literally the slowest getaway. But hey, at least they changed and didn't get into that vintage Mercedes in their piss stained clothes.
Well that was tough on my soul, but I hope you guys had fun reading, next episode will be Girls' Generation but if there is a MV you would like me to breakdown, feel free to comment it down in the comment section ^^ Show some love~ See you K-Poppers later~
The drama Pride and Prejudice ^^
What drama is the meme of Choi Jin Hyuk from?