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I AM SO LATE!!!!! I have been super busy preparing for college. I don't even know the rules but I am going to guess that I have to say ten random facts about myself. So here we go?
1. BTS The Red Bullet was my first concert!!! Yay!!!
2. Tablo is my FAVORITE rapper and I feel so blessed to have seen him in person during the Times Square Flash mob!!
3. I cannot eat spicy food or seafood :(
4. I graduated from High School as a Medical Assistant. So technically I can start working for life in a hospital or clinic.
5. I am 5'6". I am the same height is Jay Park.
6. Scooby-Doo is my favorite cartoon series of ALL time. Beats pokemon, dragon ball z, lilo and stitch, courage the cowardly dog, OMG my life as a teenage robot. It just is my number 1!!!
7. My favorite video game series of all time is Kingdom Hearts!! I cried okay, I cried during 358/2 Days. For anyone looking to get into an emotional series, this is the one. AND if u love disney, must try out this series. WARNING: the plot gets extremely confusing after the first two games BUT it is still an amazing series.
8. My favorite movie of all time, although its not the best i've seen, is Halloweentown (Disney Channel) because Halloween is my favorite holiday.
9. My first band was Evanescence and I still to this day love every single track...because each is so beautiful!!! Sksnsjsjsjs. I actuallu bumped/discovered Evanescence through kingdom hearts. Seriously, that series has made up like half my life so far!
10. I own every singke disney princess movie and every barbie film (when a character was a princess) until 12 dancing princess. Oh yeah, I love princess films okay?? Those were my inspiration and still are. I can rewatch every single one and still get feels and STILL sing along to every song. OMG. U dont understand the feels I have looking through those barbie pics. *sniff*
Thanx to @stephanieduong for tagging me. I know I did this 2 days late but hey, better late than ever. I honestly dont even know what the challenge is or what the actual rules are but this is vital information anyway: ;p
@solodaywithB1A4 its called the random challenge...but i dont even know if I did it correctly. I just stated 10 random facts about maself. Feel free to try it out. @VixenViVi thank u U r too sweet. I can tell u r an awesome person @XergaB20 yeah another scooby doo fan. I swear best show ever. Their lyrics are so beautiful and amy is so talented.
I love you as a person just sayin. Scooby doo, KH, annndddd Halloweentown! I got tagged in a lot of thESE but haven't done it yet >.> ....Oppssssss XD
Everytime you mention TRB I cry a little inside. 😳😳😳😳
@StephanieDuong yes Kingdom Hearts is and thanks I was hoping I didnt take too long @ninachan my fave is barbie as the swan lake BECAUSE it was my first and it was my first barbie doll cause I bought the movie doll it was also my favorite EVER pajamas. I know. I had a lot of merchandise for that movie.
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