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Please Support guys!!
The remaining members recently held a memorial concert to commemorate EunBi and RiSae.
They are being so strong right now, so the least we can do is try to be there for them in anyway we can possible.
They were all so close. They lost more than members, more than friends, they lost sisters.
They were so talented and it's so sad that it took their deaths to be noticed. They didn't deserve to go so young, and the way they went is terrible. They could light up a room with smiles, because their smiles held all the passion and drive that they had. I'm just so happy that if they had to go, they at least got to live out their dream, even it was for a short while.
I know that they are watching over our girls and over us as well. I know that they have smiles on their faces and they are happy wherever they may be. And I'm sure they appreciate our efforts to keep their memories alive. Although there were only 3 visible members standing there on stage at the concert, I know EunBi and RiSae were definitely there watching the 3 every step of the way. ot3 in our eyes, but forever ot5 in our hearts 3 Survivors, 2 Angels, 5 Ladies, 1 Code #LADIESCODE