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So Justin B retweeted this. Does anyone knows what this means? Anyhow GD looks awesome as always! I went on the GD fan page on fb...I found the answer. GD is supporting Justin B new album coming out in 6 days titled what do you mean.
why do GD and CL support that fool? 😒
I just really they wouldn't. I don't like Justin Beiber and I feel like he's imposing on my territory!!! I don't ship this!!! I don't ship it!!! I shall blow all kinds of holes in this ship!!!
Idk how I feel about this since I am not a Justin fan
Why is he helping support Justin? Doesn't he understand how rude and disrespectful Justin is to his fans and those around him?! "Supposedly" Justin has apologized for his past behavior saying there was no one to stop him. I can believe there was no one to stop him and truly real him in. However I still do not like him as a person. I enjoy very few of his songs and don't care about his career. Why is GD Oppa and CL unnie supporting him? Is this like politics in the music world? Like the saying 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours?' That's all I can chalk it up to. *sigh* I wish they didn't support him at all.
lol. @EllieDean. I do hate when ppl compare GD to JB. I'm like how dare they compare a King to a peasant lol. We got into an argument on GD'S fan page about that. Some VIPS including me was tired of ppl posting stuff on GD'S fan page comparing the two. I'm like that is disrespectful to GD. But I guess some ppl like GD and like JB.
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