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I saw this challenge floating around and I wanted to give it a try. The theme was suggested by @poojas and the collection is curated by @MattK95

Dope ~ BTS

"Everyday is the hustle life~ I gotta make it" This is a fun song to remind me that hard work pays off.

One Shot ~ BAP

This is my "pumped up" song. It helps me power through my work.

On and On ~Vixx

This is my "short break" song. The beat is light and it helps me quickly reenergize during study breaks. Besides, "I need therapy" describes how I feel after a few months of school

Coup d'etat ~ G Dragon

This song feels simultaneously melancholy and empowering which is pretty much how I feel about school. It is the ultimate "hang in there" song for me.

Mr. Simple ~ Super Junior

This song reminds me to have fun, to keep things in perspective, to let the small things slide off and to not be overwhelmed.

Tonight I'm Afraid of the Dark ~ 10cm

School can be stressful, so when I'm done with my day and I want to relax, this K indie song is my go to. The band, 10 cm, has a very soothing style so most of their songs are great for unwinding.
Well, that's my playlist. I will be starting college in a few weeks. I'm excited, terrified, and everything else in between XD. Good luck to everyone going back to school this fall. Stay strong and keep your dream alive!!
10cm songs are always soothing! Great choice!
Thanks for accepting the challenge, I love your song choices, especially BTS and VIXX ^^ good luck with college :)