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Since I was done watching all the Real Got7, I started watching all the ASC episodes with either all the members or Markson. I watched 2 before going into work today.
Anyway, there's a regular who comes into our store every weekend with his girlfriend. I've known this customer for years. His name is Enrique and he's pretty cool so we joke a bit. But today when he came in, I greeted him sarcastically saying, "OMG HI ERIC!!" When I realized my mistake, I blamed Jackson and followed up with, "Do people sometimes call you that? Because that happens to my nephew in reserve!" Enrique was cool about it but I really just wanted to hide in a corner after that...
Do you have embarrassing Kpop stories?
I feel like I'm starting to talk like friends notice that I'm talking differently too.
I have one. My YouTube account is connected to my family's because im the only one who has Google. So what happen is that the thing the one watches can be seen by others. So i was watching some kpop boys playing kissing games( its the inner fangirl in me). I forgot to erase it from history and my baby sister ends up seeing. I notice her watching and take it away from her really quick.
All I can say is that I've watched so much Running Man that I've started yelling "안돼" (andwae) thanks to Kwangsoo. xD
@deilig OOOOHHH NOOOOOO!! That sucks!!