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I'm doing my own We Got Married. Because I also wanna compare idols with other famous people. This is like fan fiction. So I am going to compare Kpop Idols with Korean actors or Japanese or Chinese and Americans. I'm going to do 3 at a time in each month. So here are the lovely couple. let's start
Ravi and Nada I think they would look awesome together. They both are rappers and singers and also dancers. I always dream of them dancing togather. So I'm going to do a short story about them. I hope you guys like these couple. DX Vixx & Wa$$up
RapMonster and Yura I know Yura is 2 years older than him but they are going to be a cute couple. Both rappers can pulled this off. RM would call her noona, and take her out to dinner and rap for her. Oh so cute XD can wait to do the story. BTS & Girls Day
Misako Renbutsu and Rome Misako is my favorite actor I thought her and Rome could be perfect for each other. He can sing or dance for her. She could use her acting skills to get what she wants. This is going to be interesting. C-clown & Japanese actress
Lets get this story going. I hope you guys like the couples. I'm also going to post the story each week for each couple. Each Month is a different couple. Bye for now! XD
the last two couples are totes adorbes ☺☺😊😊
these are really cool will you please do another oneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘