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@B2STANG88 tagged me So ten random facts about me? LETS GO!
1. I'm a mom to this beautiful little boy He'll be a year old Aug. 29th and it's honestly the weirdest thing.
2. I'm married to my best friend. He doesn't get my obsession with Kpop or Korea in general but he deals with it.
3. I'm a photographer. It's been my dream for as long as I can remember. My dream was to always become a photographer for Vogue and I'm working on it.
4. I'm weird as fuck I'm that friend that's super quiet to new people but everyone else just kinda giggles and says 'Just wait'.
5. I'm a total bitch I can tell you off in a heartbeat if I don't like you and I have no problem telling you to shut up.
6. Books are life ♥ Reading is a huge part of my everyday, I like reading and learning new things (though I'm awful when it comes to school)
7. Music ★ Music is important. It clears my head and lets me think when stressed. It helps me create as well.
8. I'm a writer (kinda) I have a finished book (on wattpad), I worked on it for awhile and I'm working on the second book. I plan to try and get published in the future. I also have a fanfic XD
9. TaeYang and RapMon are pretty much my #1. They tie for it and I would love to meet them one day. It's their music that gets me.
10. Anyone that thinks I'm awesome or whatever is completely fooled. I'm the most boring person ever, ohmygeezus. I have no life and I don't talk a lot. Observing is my thing.
Welp I'm sure that was boring as hell XD
This was a interesting find for the random challenge @Emealia I have the rules for the random challenge on my page. I think you came extremely close to describing me with your 10 facts. Lol.
thank u @Emealia
@B2STABG88 look what you did, gosh XD Those two are just ♥ ugh I love watching them perform and then being themselves in other videos
@Emealia @DenieceSuit sorry!!! Its ma fault cause i didnt know what the actual challenge was thats why she did it this way. Blame on mwah. And this was great...the fact that rapmon and taeyang r tied makes me love u even more. Lol
:D that's cool. The random challenge is interesting to me because it's about the people on it instead of their bias. Not saying the biases aren't interesting but every now an then I like seeing something about the people posting the cards.
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