Okay, so many vinglers out there went back to school this week, and there are many that don't start until later on...either way, shout out to you guys! On the other hand, some of us already graduated High School/college, and we either have a job, or have a house and family. Here are some K-pop Puns/Memes that you will relate to about school.
Yup... I can so relate when I had my finals... I didn't have to take them because I had straight A's. The same with my last day of school... those were the days! Credits: Google images, Pinterest.
"omg oppa so handsome" is me even in summer xD I've been trying to go to bed at ten but dae! The BigBang one too though "Gives an F for saying YG entertainment"
@majesticx hahaha... I'm glad you can relate!
Fangirling 101, Fanfic Lit ~ my type of classes 馃槃
@lamrotamrot ikr! I wish they were actually real...
I want the classes with the Fangirling 101, Fanfic Lit, and etc.