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Day 3 in Korea: M Countdown (part 1)
We got to go early to M Countdown and take a tour of CJ E&M. It wasn't very long or super interesting lol but the pictures from that will be on my other card for day 3. It was totally worth it for the fact that we sat backstage for awhile before the show and actually saw quite a few artists there. When downstairs before the tour, I saw Yu Seung Woo just walking up the stairs. I don't think a lot of people know him very well though, because I was like the only one that was like omg it's actually Yu Seung Woo. I've actually seen him perform like 5 feet from me before, so I wasn't that shocked. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ Then when I went to the bathroom in the lobby I saw Simba from JJCC coming out of the men's restroom (I regret to say I didn't realize who it was until he started walking away OTL). Then when we were waiting upstairs, I saw Eddy and San Cheong from JJCC, hellovenus, D. holic, gfriend, and yu seung woo again. Once we got into the show, I was pretty close to the front and able to sneak pictures of all of the artists. Albeit some aren't great, because I could only raise my arm so high in order to keep my phone hidden. GD&TOP won on this episode.

D. Holic



Yeon Bun Hong


Su Jung Pae (Sophie Pae)

Kim So Jung


Kim Hyung Jun ft. Hayeong from Playback



Yu Seung Woo


Baechigi ft. Bo Hyung of SPICA



Continued on pt. 2
Haha sounds like you had a blast!
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such good picturesss
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@AgentLeo The LG G4 has a really good camera :D
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You got to see Vixx 😭😭
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