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I wanna be HokageForADay at NYCC!

Vingle Anime Community i need your help!
There is a contest i entered to become Hokage for a day and go to nycc and meet Misashi Kishimoto.
Now i know this is pretty blatant product placement but I REALLY wanna win.
Since the online anime communitys' opinion counts to in the choosing of who will win, i need more views on my video
A little back story: Naruto was one of the first Animes i ever watched. I actually picked it up when the original Toonami was on. The first episode i saw was the chunin exams, i remember being a little kid watching the TV and seeing these cool big kids control sand, wind, lightning ect.
This BLEW my mind and instantly i was hooked. But there was one problem. The time they showed Naruto on Toonami was too late for my little kid bedtime and with a heavy heart i had stop watching it.
Years passed and i made it to 5th grade, in my school district 5th grade is in the middle school, here i was fat and baby faced and a total nerd, in a whole new atmosphere. As the school year began to pass kids began to branch off into cliques. No longer was it the " hey wanna play four square? or climb the monkey bars". Now it was who's dating who, who kissed who, how popular were you?
I being my nerdy self didn't understand what has happening to my happy oasis. Why couldn't we all be friends like before? We're all the same! Everybody is equal!. But it was fruitless, the friends i had moved on and eventually became total snobs.
I was alone.
5th grade passed and i went into 6th grade but over that time i had stopped doing my homework and assignments all together i didn't see the point. It was all so useless. As i got into 6th grade my life at home changed drastically. My mother who worked for the government got unknowingly laid off (they didn't tell her) and couldn't spend as much time with me as she used too because she was looking for a job, she found another eventually over the summer of me going into 6th grade but little did we know her job would ruin our lives.
Also on top of that my sister had unknowingly torn her ACL and Meniscus (the doctor didn't find out until it was too late) she played basketball and it was her life, ever since i was little she was playing basketball whether it be CYO or With a travel team or with a national team, she always played basketball. This was a big blow to my sister, basketball was her life and now she couldn't play, She was very depressed which had an effect on my family in a big way.
My mom who was now working in this job with a new company was working her self to death. The company was awful and her job of nurse case managing was awful. It took up most of her free time, with the rest being spent on my now very depressed sister, leaving no time for the family or me
This time period was very hard for me as i felt i had nowhere where i could fit into. I had no friends at school and my home life was awful due to my mom being stressed out my sis depressed and my dad who has a very hard time controlling his temper (he often yelled a lot). I couldn't turn to my teachers because i wouldn't do my homework and i knew they would yell at me for it, so i was basically all alone in this humongous transitional part of my life.
That winter was especially bad for me, in my home we have a wood pellet stove. The bags of pellets to heat the stove were 40 pounds each and were delivers to my house on slabs. now your probably thinking " oh so your dad brought them in and kept the stove going?" NO my dad had broken his collarbone in the fall right before the winter, and since i was the only able bodied person left with time on their hands i was given the job of unloading them from the slabs from the shed and bringing them into the house. Now give this to a fully grown person and they may think it a bit heavy but they could probably do it with some effort. Give in to a 6th grade girl and it was impossible. But somehow i did it but never got any praise for spending an hour and half trying to get in 4, 40 pound pellet bags, and put the rest into buckets, in a New York winter.
I remember there being a time when i was doing the pellets and i laid down in the snow to catch my breath and thought "if i fall asleep here maybe i wont wake up and have to do this anymore. That would be nice" but those thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind as i realized that if i didn't bring these in my parents would be mad. so i continued doing it.
Since my mom's job took up so much of her time and with my sister to look after, i never got a chance to talk to her about my feelings so i bottled them up.

But that one suicidal thought never left the back of my mind and eventually i hid a knife under my bed to stab myself with. I was in a very dark place and a very important time of my life, with no help from anyone getting through it felt like trying to fly. IMPOSSIBLE.

As i didn't have friends i spent most of my time at home on my laptop. I was on and i was looking at naruto fanfictions. Naruto sounded so cool in the fanfictions so i began to research it further and then i remembered that one episode of the chunin exams witch i had watched, i remember how naruto fought against what i now know is kiba. I remembered how he never gave up and that sparked something inside me. Something which had died a long time ago but was resurrected by him, Uzumaki Naruto, that thing was happiness.
For the first time in 2 years i felt happiness. I felt like i could do anything, like i was unstoppable, nothing could hurt me. All of which was thanks to Naruto. Naruto gave me hope that i could change whats happening around me, that it was okay that i was alone then because i wouldn't be alone forever, that i could always try again, and that no matter what anybody said to me, he would be there for me no matter what.

This is the reason i wanna Win this contest to thank Misashi Kishimoto for his character staying with me in my darkest hour and for supporting me. For creating this character that inspires all of us to never give up and follow your dream. This is why i wanna become hokage so i can show Kishimoto-sensei and in a sense Naruto, on what i have become. A still living, 16 year old girl who is going into her junior year, with her head held high and her goals insight.
I wanna show naruto that and his creator that what they created has inspired me to take on Naruto's nindo way and to never give up no matter what others say.
I'm late seeing this but good luck!!!!
This is awesome! I will definitely be supporting your video and hope you win! :)
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