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As soon as I had heard about the Les Miserables movie, I was so excited to see it. My family and I went to see in on Christmas morning and since then I have seen it twice more in theaters. I love it so much! All the actors delivered INCREDIBLY and it makes me cry every time. Putting the singing, acting, and sets behind, one of the major aspects of the movie that I noticed was the costume design. The costumes were spot on and so interesting to look at closely. You could see a lot of thought had gone into them. Here, I have compiled a few photos of some fashion inspiration for the future... if you ever wake up and feel like a french revolutionist. But in all seriousness this movie had some major fashion inspiration. I especially loved the looks of "rich boy fighting for the poor" character of Marius played my Eddie Redmayne. Some serious and impeccable layering going on with his clothing. I saw lots of plaid, corsets, strong collars and shoulders, hair ribbons/pieces, hats, and strong military-like cuts (for example, in jackets. There were so many characters from with one could draw inspiration... so this is how I interpreted their looks: Eponine: I thought that tough girl Eponine's look could be translated into a soft bohemian type look today. A newsboy cap, a flowing chiffon skirt, and loose blouse with open hair would work well today. All in earth-toned hues. Cosette: Amanda Seyfriend was so beautiful as Cosette– all done up with lace, frills, and over-the-top girliness. This look is seen all the time today, since lace has been on trend for years now. Slip into a lace dress, a ribbon through your braided hair, and maybe some combat boots to toughen it up... a little bit. Marius: Lots of layering and a slightly preppy look going on. Layer a collared white top underneath your grandpa sweater vest. Add a warm-toned trench coat on top. Then marry Cosette. The Thénardiers: Looking at this hilarious couple, I have the urge to go out to a thrift store, buy an old jacket, and patch it up. They have some great color blocking going on and beautiful patchwork. Madame Thénardiers also had some crazy hair. Go crazy with the hair. And as for the revolutionists there was lots of military inspiration going on. Menswear for women, you could say. This has been an ongoing trend, so that's a plus. The camo trend has also been popular. I especially liked the strong shoulders. But anyway, that is all! I hope you enjoyed that. Let me know who was you favorite character out of the movie :) If you have an instagram, please follow me!: _sabeenm
really we watch this movie in theatre class and we act like it wasn't on the screen
@SabeenM yeah, it actually broke the record of Mamma Mia, which used to be the most successful in Korea. If you are interested in the project, follow my collection on Vingle, where I will be posting how things are going. !
@dependy Wow! I didn't know Les Mis was so popular in Korea. Your event sounds great! However, I unfortunately don't live in Korea. Good luck though, and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I absolutely love Les Miserables.
@SabeenM The reason I liked your posting is not only I am into Les Miserables, but also I am doing Les Miserables Movie Project! The basic idea is to combine movie(acting), music, and cosplay(dressing up like characters!) to create a work! You can find out more info on , although it's in Korea. Basically we are going to make the movie film with our own casting, doing acting, wearing costumes, and in some case singing! If you are interested in fashion, why don't you join Vingle Cosplay party? ( Here's my cosplay collection: :)
@SabeenM Thank you for a great posting! I am also a huge fan of Les Miserables, it was actually a big hit in Korea, it set a record in musical movie history released in Korea!