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GDRAGON My absolute number one bias. It wasn't love at first sight but it didnt take long. Once I was brought to the group by taeyang, and watching numerous videos I started to see the amazing person that GD is. Everything about him just makes me so happy , his music , his smile , everything. ive never in my life have found an artist who's music just flips my mood in an instant nor have I ever imagined that Gd would impact me in such a way. I just love kwon Jiyong soo much , idk what id do without him and his beautiful music. There honestly arent enough words in this world to describe how much I love GD.I could honestly write a novel but we don't have time for that.
CHANYEOL My second bias/first bias in kpop is my lovely chanyeol. For him it was definitely love at first sight and no one in the group has been able to take his place and they never will. chanyeol Is one of the sweetest people ever and the way he carries him self is just amazing. He is another person that makes me smile and laugh. hes just got an infectious personality.
JIMIN last but not least my third bias , my adorable yet extremely gorgeous little pudding jimin. I love jimin so much he is a major bias wrecker and hes just the cutest thing ever how could you not love him. Hes seriously the cutest thing ever sometimes you forget that hes in his 20s because that little sneaky thing can go from cute-ovary explosion in like 2 seconds. There's not a time where jimin hasn't made me smile or laugh at all , and I have a weird I wanna marry you yet protect my little pudding relationship with jimin and I wouldn't have it any other way. @majesticx
LOL "my little pudding" I love it!
Nice! These are some awesome reasons!