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UGH, MY HEARTEU~ *imitates J-Hope* Honestly, I've questioned A LOT if my babies (idols) are even real. Like they're so perfect that I can't even! What if we're really being tricked?! Oh lord...they better make sure they give me my money back from buying merch! And think about it, what will we do from now on? I mean, I listen to Latino music more than A-Pop, but it doesn't give me the spazz K-Pop does! ㅠㅠ eotteokkaji @kpopandkimchi @poojas @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @edwinb94 @kookiebyu @xoxoaudra98 @StephanieDuong @Exoexo @fourstargeneral @Emealia @JazzyPie @amigobigbang
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This is just startling! What TV shows would I watch? What snacks would I eat? What kind of men would I like? How would I make new friends? HOW WOULD I LIVE?
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What the crap o.o I'm with @Exoexo WHAT WOULD I DO
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This is kind of creepy but my mond was blown. I mean it could be true. Things tend to be hidden and experimented so yeahh
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It's like one of those matrix moments where you want to log in for life!! I honestly couldn't live without music, Kpop included. It's helped me through a lot and inspired me so much. Being told it was just a lie would end me.
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