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Screen addiction is a serious thing. It can suck out all your time and distract you from getting things done. If you want to turn your smart phone into a brilliant assistant check out these day-improving services that helps keep your day organized.
Need a place to keep a list of your favorite restaurants or cafe? Matchbook is made just for that and a little more. Keep note of your favorite item on the menu or see your friend's favorite place to dine. The next time you're hanging out with a group of friends and the crew can't decide where to eat, bust out your restaurant history (aka Matchbook).
Here is an incredibly powerful tool for multi-tasking all your online happening using one simple formula, "If This Then That." For example if you save something (blog) to your Evernote it automates and send it to your inbox. Awesome, right? It's compatible with practically any app you frequent (including Instagram). I mostly use it for dropbox.
Ever since Google Reader discontinued Feedly has been my go-to space to house my long list of blogs and websites. It also aggravates new content from all your frequented site into one reading list so it won't get drown in your browser tabs. I was stocked when they rolled out the mobile version.
Let's face it. iCal, Gmail, and Outlook don't always play well together. If you have separate email accounts from different platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn you can sync it into Sunrise (your master calendar). The UI is extremely beautiful, super easy to use and keeps your day under control whether you are on your phone, tablet, or computer.
Hands down my FAVORITE to-do list. It's the most simple, visually beautiful and straightforward to-do app you'll come across. Set it as your browser's home and it will make your day a lot easier. You have 14-day trial to test it out and if you're ready the subscribe it's $2 per month.
Thanks for the info
Feedly is my jam! I use it on the daily for lots of different things. It's awesome how some things can compile everything into one space. @cindystran thank you for this!
wow i need to download TeuxDeux asap!!! thank you so much @cindystran
I’ve been on the hunt for a good to-do list app, and I still haven’t found a good one. Totally willing to try TeuxDeux and see how it goes! Thanks for the rec!