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'누가 그래요?' (Says who?)
As is with English, this vocabulary is very useful when you don't agree with the other person about what's being said or when you want to know who really said that.
In previous sentence, 이정재 says 'Did you really shoot your boos by mistake?' and 전지현 says ' Says who? I shoot him on purpose'
A: 너 내 욕하고 다닌다며? I heard you talk badly about me with other people?
B: 누가 그래? Says who?
A: 너 회사 옮긴다며? I heard you are going to move to another company?
B: 누가 그래요? Says who?
For more vocab from this movie trailer, check out
I wanted to share this film's trailer, not just for Korean vocabulary, but for the movie itself. It's pretty well-made and I personally enjoyed it! The casting was great and so was the acting of main characters.
About this movie from Wikipedia "Set in the 1930s during Japan's colonial rule of Korea, many Korean resistance activists are based in Manchuria, northeastern China while hiding from Japanese authorities. In 1933, orders are given to assassinate the commander of the Japanese troops in Korea and a pro-Japanese Korean business tycoon. For this covert mission, Yeom Seok-jin, an agent of the provisional Korean government in exile in Shanghai, breaks out topnotch sniper Ahn Ok-yun from a prison where she's been sentenced to death, in order for her to lead the plot. Among her comrades are mysterious and ruthless gun-for-hire Hawaii Pistol and his right-hand man Pomade, as well as firearms specialist Soksapo (meaning "rapid-fire gun"). The squad arrives in Gyeongseong not knowing that one of them is secretly working for the Japanese and was given his own orders to kill a member of the team."
Since this movie's story and background is a bit complex, vocabulary is not easy. So the choice of vocabulary might be a bit challenging (thus marking this class for advanced learners), but you are more than welcomed to ask about any other vocabulary.!
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That is spelling mistake. We don't say boos We have to say boss.